The Athenaeum


The word “Athenaeum” in our name means a center of knowledge. We aim to create a beauty centre that provide professional aesthetic knowledge with an elegant environment, while providing customers anti-aging treatments and services with high quality.

We replace consultants with a team of professional therapists, and believe that therapists can truly understand what customer need. It is expected that our guests can enjoy a pleasant and high-quality treatment experience without worrying about the unpleasant experience in hard selling.

We care about our customers also our employees. We provide our therapists with sufficient rest time and resources to ensure that they can maintain their best condition, and likewise, they can provide the good quality service to each customers.


Company Philosophy

One-on-one skin problem follow-up

Anti-aging Expert

Develop a set of your own true young beauty with our professionalism and integrity

All therapists are certified with 160 hours of training and assessment

Understand your needs and provide you with the most suitable products and treatments.

Maintain Skin in Optimal Condition

To maintain optimal skin, major elements of skin should be in balance. ​

Compared with beauty centers in the market only focusing on moisturizing and increasing production of collagen, we focus more on improving the skin aging problem from the bottom layer.