360° total cooling of the treatment area

Cooltech is a non-surgical, safe, and efficient device for localized fat reduction. It works at a temperature up to -8ºC, and it can be adapted to all body areas.
The mechanism of action of the Cooltech procedure is based on the principle of the vulnerability of fat cells (adipocytes) to temperature changes. In this process, the freezing of adipose tissue causes a controlled cell death (apoptosis of adipocytes).
360° Body Contouring
Non-Invasive, Maximum Safety, No Recovery Time
Tailor-made treatment
Cooltech reduces stubborn fat on most areas of the body. Its 6 ergonomic applicators have been designed to adapt to soft and hard tissues, flat and curved areas.

Millions of treatments performed all over the world

Fat loss in 1 session*

Up to 34.29%

Waist and abdominal circumference reduced**

Max 80mm

Fat thickness reduced**

Max 20mm

Customer satisfaction reached*


Correction areas

neck/ axillary fold/ upper abdomen/ mid abdomen/ lower abdomen/ hips/ inner part of the thighs/ knees/ subscapular/ arms

Before & After

The result of a treatment may vary from person to person.

*González, M.V., Castro,D.,Urdiales, C.F., dse los Llanos Perez, M.,& Mármol, G.V.(2019). Study on the Reduction of the Localized Panniculus Adiposus (Adipocyte Lysis) Through the Use of a Controlled Cooling System. Research Journal of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences (IRJPMS), 2(5), 4-9.
**Gregorio Viera Mármol, Carmen Cano Ochoa, Maria de los Llanos Pérez, Jorge Villena Garcia, Reyna Varges Lamas, Mar Altaba Rosas, Nuria Adell Gomez, Jackie Law, Safety, Efficacy and Patient Tolerance of the New 360° Cyoadipolysis Device for Multiple-Area Fat Removal。Published for EJMI, DOI:10.14744/ejmi.2019.82298 EJMI 2019.